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  • What is the payweek?
    The pay week begins on Monday and ends on Sunday. Example: Monday 5Jun2023 to Sunday 11Jun2023
  • Can I get overtime or holiday pay?
    Yes, overtime is accumulated after 40 have been reached. Once you have accumulated over 40 hours, those hours would be paid as time and a half. Example John Doe has 46 hours for the pay week. He would be paid 40 regular hours @$15hr and 6 overtime hours@$22.50hr Holiday Pay is typically not paid, these days are usually granted as non-work days.
  • How do I file exempt for taxes?
    STEPS FOR TAX EXEMPT: 1. Click on this link (click continue in browser - DO NOT DOWNLOAD APP) 2. Enter password - IAMAWESOME (all caps/nospaces). a. Michigan W4 (fill out entire form, to be exempt, ensure to check block 8a.8b. or 8c) b. FED W4 (fill out entire form, to be exempt, TYPE THE WORD EXEMPT in block 4c) Notify recruiters of changes at 313.403.2934
  • How do I change my bank account information (direct deposit)?
    DIRECT DEPOSIT: 1. Click on this link (click continue in browser - DO NOT DOWNLOAD APP) 2. Enter password - IAMAWESOME (all caps/nospaces). 3. Complete Direct Deposit form. Please ensure account and routing numbers are entered correctly. Notify payroll of changes at 313.403.2934
  • I did not receive my pay?
    Please allow until 11:00am (Eastern Standard Time) to receive your funds on the designated pay day. If you have not received the funds by said time, please reach out Recruiters at 313.403.2934
  • Where can I get my paystub?
    1. Please go to the following website: 2. PAYSTUBS: Click on "Paychecks", you can view or download your paystubs 3. W2: Click on “W2’s”, you can update your settings to receive your W2 paperless or be mailed to your home. You will be able to download the W2 when is it ready by the employer. 4. If you have never access Quick Books Intuit Workforce, please provide your most current e-mail address so access can be granted. 5. If you need to reset your password, please reach out to QuickBooks Workforce Intuit and follow the steps for resetting password.
  • How can I check my hours?
    Hours can be checked when payroll is released. You can check your hours via paystub. If hours are incorrect, please reach out to payroll for assistance.
  • I was not paid the correct hours?
    Please contact payroll for assistance. Our job would be to contact the site/supervisor to verify the missing hours. Have the site/supervisor submit a new timesheet with the corrected hours. Once received, we can then process the missing (additional) hours.
  • My bank rejected the deposit?
    Please reach out to Payroll for assistance. The payment was likely rejected due to the most common reasons: -Account does not belong to you -Banking information provided to us was incorrect i.e. account or routing number
  • Where can I find Job openings?
    Job Openings can be found under the "Career Opportunities Tab" or Please text "Job Alerts" to 313.403.2934
  • Who to contact if you will be Absent / Call off?
    Contact site supervisor, and send text to our recruiter line 313-403--2934
  • Are jobs felony friendly?
    The jobs are felony friendly, however exceptions may apply.
  • Do you provide transportation?
    Currently we do not offer transportation at this time. Each individual is required to use personal or public transportation.
  • What type of Jobs do you offer?
    We offer light industrial jobs which include: -Quality Inspection -Production Associate -Warehouse Clerks -Shipping Clerks We do have speciality positions, resumes maybe required.
  • Can I be hired in?
    Most of our jobs are temporary to permanent placements. Each client requires a specific number of hours/days to be completed before hire-in process can start. For example: Client A requires 480 hours to be completed, no call-offs. For example: Client B requires - 90 days worked, no call-offs. The hire-in process is subject to: background investigation, drug test, and or performance test (varies with each client).
  • What does DNR mean?
    DNR means that you will be listed as "Do not reassign" . You will NOT be reassigned to any job with our company (no exceptions). It is very important, if you receive the "YOU ARE CONFIRMED" message from the recruiters, that you report to the site. If you are unable to report for any reason, the Recruiters should informed immediately!
  • How do I apply?
    Please visit our website at We accept applications from individuals who are over the age of 18 years old.
  • What if I am already registered?
    Please reach out to recruiters to update your phone and email. Recruiter line is 313-403-2934
  • How do I upload my resume?
    Resumes can be uploaded during the application process. If the link is not working, please send resume to
  • Can I come in to apply?
    We are located in Detroit, however our office staff works remotely. Please complete the quick application Contact us directly at 313.312.0223
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