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Quality Tech - Highland Park, MI


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Service Description

Quality Technician Job Description: We are looking to hire an enthusiastic and hardworking quality technician with a good eye for detail. You will be responsible for performing standardized quality control checks on our company products to ensure they meet the required legal and company standards for safety and quality. You may also be required to maintain calibrated test equipment, prepare test data, and identify areas for quality control improvement. To ensure success as a quality technician, you should have a strong working knowledge of mathematical concepts, excellent visual awareness, and the ability to work with minimal supervision. Ultimately, a top-class quality technician can efficiently monitor the integrity and quality of products without impeding production rates. Quality Technician Responsibilities: Must have experience in Automotive - Complete seat- JIT work Developing and maintaining company inspection reports. Inspecting goods or products according to quality and safety standards. Ensuring goods and products comply with company standards as well as Federal and State law. Ensuring test equipment is calibrated and working correctly. Reporting quality anomalies to the supervisor. Collating test data and drafting quality reports. Identifying possible areas for improvement in quality control processes. Ensuring production is not hindered by quality testing procedures. Quality Technician Requirements: College Degree. Experience as an Inspection or quality technician. Understanding of advanced mathematical concepts. High-level of visual awareness. Advanced organizational skills. Experience drafting reports and collating data. Ability to work alone with minimal supervision. Ability to analyze and interpret technical information. Ability to stand for long periods.

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Detroit, MI, USA

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