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Robotic Weld Tech

$70K/based on experience

  • 30 minutes
  • Online Job Screening

Service Description

Robotic Weld Tech is responsible for the operation and maintenance of robotic welding equipment and related equipment. This position works to ensure that all robotic welds are completed to the highest quality and safety standards. The Robotic Weld Tech must maintain a safe work environment and adhere to all safety and quality regulations. Service, maintain, repair, install and test new or existing equipment and verify conformance to specifications. (Robot/Welding/Fixtures) Complete repairs, modifications and installations as required. Provide plant support in troubleshooting of process problems including root cause and completes quality improvements as required to maintain part standards of quality. Establish cross functional team for reliability issues Deal extensively with production team and other support groups as well as vendors (both parts suppliers and equipment suppliers). Department support for testing, repairing and calibrating electric or electronic components. Validates reliability issues with components and investigates repeat component failures.

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Detroit, MI, USA

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